Warning: Jens Jørgen Nielsen Pseudo-expert

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

Danish researcher Jens Jørgen Nielsen assures that Ukraine started a war with russia on February 16.

In Copenhagen, Jens Jørgen Nielsen during an international conference expressed his opinion on the events in Ukraine

The Danish scholar stressed that he didn’t support putin’s decision on a full-scale war in Ukraine, but at the same time stated that the Ukrainian army had already started the war at the time of the russian invasion on February 24.

Reiterating russian narratives, he asserts that 110,000 Ukrainian soldiers were ready to “enter Donbas and take Crimea”. The researcher ignores the fact that all the territories temporarily occupied by the enemy are part of Ukraine and the leadership of our state has repeatedly explained that the forceful method of returning territories is not considered.

Jens Jørgen Nielsen also spreads the narrative that in many countries of the world “Russophobic governments” are in power, that’s why putin has started the war in Ukraine.