Warning: Manuel Pineda Pseudo-expert

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

Spanish MEP Manuel Pineda promotes narrative that US and NATO will benefit from war in Ukraine

Manuel Pineda from the rostrum of the European Parliament has repeatedly stated that “events in Ukraine” are a “provocation” by the US and NATO, who want to “change the world because they are losing their influence”.

The MEP also opposes sanctions and arms supplies to Ukraine. As for sanctions, according to Pineda, russia is not getting poorer, but the US is getting richer. In addition, Manuel Pineda has criticized the supply of weapons, because, as he claims, then “someone has to disarm the Ukrainian gangs”.

The kremlin’s propaganda regularly spreads Pineda’s pro-russian comments that the main task of the US and NATO in Ukraine is to prevent the “China-russia alliance”.

MEP for years incites world community against NATO, calling Alliance a criminal group.

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