Warning: Muneo Suzuki pseudo-expert

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

Russian propaganda through Japanese parliamentarian Muneo Suzuki is trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate with russia

In a comment to russia’s RIA on June 22, M.Suzuki blamed Ukraine for russian waging a full-scale war. According to him,

“Kyiv is responsible for non-compliance with the Minsk agreements”

Such a statement by the Japanese politician is a continuation of his rhetoric that Ukraine should surrender urgently

On June 16, Yahoo News Japan published an article by M.Suzuki, in which the politician stated: if Ukraine cannot fight without the help of the West, “honorable surrender is important to save lives”

This statement received a barrage of criticism from Japanese society, which supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine

On the eve of the G7 summit to be held in Germany on June 26, russia is trying even harder to persuade Ukraine to negotiate.

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