Warning: pseudo-expert Scott Ritter

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

Propaganda creates disinformation by rewriting old news of Western media

The russian media spread the comment of the US military analyst Scott Ritter, known for his support of Putin, that it seems that the intelligence doesn’t provide the US President J.Biden with reliable data about the situation in Ukraine. According to S.Ritter, J.Biden, who was misled, doesn’t understand that American aid won’t help Ukraine in the war against russia

In fact, it’s a distorted retelling of the news, reported by NBC, National Post with reference to American intelligence data on March 30. It’s about how putin’s surroundings deliberately disinform him about the state of affairs at the front, because they are afraid to talk about the defeats of the russian troops in the war against Ukraine

By attributing the necessary statements of the Russian Federation to individual foreign speakers, Russia is trying to create the illusion of a lack of support for Ukraine in the United States.

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