Warning: pseudo-experts

Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

This week, through foreign speakers and media, kremlin propaganda tried to promote a pro-russian narrative about «the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Ukraine/the West by Russia»

Enemy Telegram channels disinformed, according to The Washington Post, Ukraine’s attempt to return Crimea could provoke v.putin to use nuclear weapons. The goal is to convince Ukrainians that the return of lost territory carries a nuclear threat

The New York Post claimed that Putin readies massive Yars nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States and Great Britain. The purpose of the manipulation is to spread the idea that further help from Western countries makes them a «legitimate target for the Russian strike»

The Turkish publication Yeni Şafak claimed that attacks by unknown drones on military facilities in Russia could force Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons. The manipulation is aimed at forcing Ukrainians to stop resisting russian aggression.

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