Warsaw Business Journal and The Odessa Journal partners for news on Polish-Ukrainian relations.

The Odessa Journal has agreed a media partnership with Warsaw Business Journal (WBJ) based on exchange of news online. In our websites and social networks we will cover topics on Warsaw’s and Odessa’s business and culture.

Warsaw Business Journal is an English-language news outlet covering news from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. It consists of daily news website wbj.pl and it also publishes a monthly magazine Warsaw Business Journal, which features the biggest stories and in-depth interviews that offer invaluable insights into the Polish economy, finance, law, technology, real estate and more. The Warsaw Business Journal Group also publishes an annual Book of Lists, which showcases the biggest and most successful companies in each sector of the Polish economy.

The choice of a media partner is not accidental. There are large commercial ties between Poland and Ukraine. Odessa is the maritime capital of Ukraine, handling cargos that reach Poland by train. Warsaw hosts a significant Ukrainian community.

Krzysztof Maciejewski, Business & Web Editor of WBJ

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