Watch & Listen for Daria Kolomiets’ set on New York’s The Lot Radio

Photo: Daria Kolomiec Facebook

On July 31, DJ Daria Kolomiets played a set on New York’s The Lot Radio, a well-known independent electronic music radio station.

The set consisted exclusively of Ukrainian music. This is the first such performance in the history of The Lot Radio. Daria combined music from different times: folk, pop of the 1970s, contemporaries. Some of the tracks that do not have digital versions were played from vinyl.

“I want to show you how unique Ukrainian culture has always been and is. This has not only been the case for the last 10 or 20 years, but for centuries. Today you will hear it and, I hope you will feel our Ukrainian roots, our strength,” commented Daria.

The DJ played a set as part of a trip to the USA to spread information about the war in Ukraine, convey the truth about Russia’s war crimes, and acquaint a foreign audience with Ukrainian culture. During her nearly five-week stay in New York, Daria Kolomiets participated in numerous actions and local events supporting Ukraine played a set at the Le Bain club, and also gave interviews to major media, including The New York Times.

On August 4, Daria Kolomiec returned to Kyiv. On August 14, she will perform at a charity photo exhibition of the Dmytro Kozatsky’s works, a captured soldier of the Azov regiment, who is called the “eyes of Azovstal”. 100% of the profit from charitable event will be sent to support the “Azov” regiment.

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