We are getting closer to digital visa-free access with the EU: the President of Ukraine signed the Law on electronic trust services and electronic identification

The President of Ukraine signed Law 2801-IX (draft law 6173) on mutual recognition of qualified electronic trust services and implementation of European Union legislation in electronic identification.

The law accelerates Ukraine’s integration into the EU’s Single Digital Market and brings national legislation closer to European requirements in the fields of electronic identification and electronic trust services. Therefore, about 90 laws of Ukraine on electronic trust services and electronic identification services will be brought into line with European norms.

According to the Law, Ukraine will recognize:

  • the status of qualified European providers;
  • status of means of qualified electronic signature or seal used by qualified European providers in the provision of electronic trust services;
  • the list of trust lists of EU member states, information about which is published by the European Commission.

This will allow Ukrainians to use qualified signatures from the EU to have services in Ukraine. It will also simplify electronic interaction with European partners when conducting business.

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