“We cannot lose this battle”: Sting spoke about the war in Ukraine, democracy and the Putin regime

Sting once again supported the people of Ukraine, who continued to resist the Russian invasion heroically. The day before, the British musician delivered a five-minute speech during his concert in Warsaw, in which he called the war in Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is an absurdity built on lies. If we swallow this lie, it will eat us. But the lie is terribly afraid of the truth. The truth must be heard. We cannot lose this battle,” the artist said.

He also stated that democracy is under threat worldwide.

“Democracy has been attacked, it is attacked in every country in the world. If we don’t protect her, we will lose her forever. Democracy is sometimes a mess. This is a disappointment, it is ineffective. Needs constant attention. But it’s still worth fighting for. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, enslavement and silence. This alternative is called tyranny, and all tyranny is based on lies. The more tyranny, the more lies,” the artist assured.

As an example of tyranny, he cited the regime of the president of an aggressor country.

“The tyrant lies to his people, to the world and, above all, to himself. If someone does not agree with the tyrant, he faces imprisonment and even death. At the same time, we must take this risk and defend our right to tell the truth,” Sting summed up to the audience’s applause.

Before delivering his speech, the musician invited the famous Polish actor Maciej Stuhr to the stage to translate his words into Polish. As Sting explained, his monologue about Ukraine is very important, so everyone should understand it. Afterwords in support of the Ukrainians, the British musician performed the lyric composition Fragile.

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