Where to: Sunbathe in Odessa

The Odessa Journal Beach Guide 2020. Chapter 1

Kick off your flip-flops and get ready to sunbathe. In case you are not sure where to go on your next beach day, take a look at our list of five best beaches in Odessa.

Bright on Beach Odessa

The beach, where everyone who wants to have fun gathers in Odessa. This beach differs from others with a stylish powdery pink design. This is the color of umbrellas, pillows and even lamps. The comments of the guests a mentioning a good level of service and delicious cocktails.

Chaise lounge – 70 UAH
Umbrella – 30 UAH
Towel – 50 UAH
Breakfast – 110-150 UAH

Noir Beach

The beach is full of raspberry mattresses and attracts with wide umbrellas with fringe on the border. Noir is not only a beach complex, in the afternoon it is a restaurant, but in the evening it is a party bar.

Bungalow – 600 UAH
Chaise lounge – 150-200 UAH
Umbrella – 50 UAH
Towel 50 UAH


At the entrance you are met by the famous rhino. On any day, except Sunday, you can come to the beach starting from 7 a.m. and before a long and pleasant day, do your yoga training right on the wooden pier that overlooks the sea. Also among the guests of this beach club there is a hobby – a delicious hookah, which is served right on the beach.

Chaise lounge – 150-200 UAH
Umbrella – 50 UAH
Towel – 50 UAH
Breakfast – 100-160 UAH

Underhill Lounge & Beach

Exotic beach, which seems to embody the dreams of a summer vacation. In addition, sports training takes place on the beach every day.

In the evening, when the sun is hiding behind the horizon, this beach lights up with hundreds of lights and it is time to enjoy the hot rhythms of the night with the best DJs.

Bungalow – 1200 / 1500 UAH
Beach bed – 800 / 1200 UAH
Chaise lounge – 150 / 200 UAH
Towel – 60 UAH

Mantra Beach Club

Around the pool there is wooden flooring, there is also a small wooden pier overhanging the sea, where you can comfortably sit on a soft bed. There is also a restaurant, which is located on a hill with a beautiful view. DJs are playing day and night.

Odessites and guests of the city fell in love with the Indian deities Buddha and Ganesha decorating this place. Interesting that a special clean sand was brought for this beach.

Bungalow – 1500 UAH
Beach bed – 1200 UAH
Chaise lounge – 400 UAH
Breakfast – 100-180 UAH

To be continued…

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