Russian army launched an airstrike on the railway station of Kyiv, where women and children were evacuated

Russian forces launched an airstrike on the South Railway Station in Kyiv.

According to the press service of Ukrzaliznytsya, at this time, thousands of Ukrainian women and children are being evacuated there.

The shell hit near the Ibis hotel, the station building survived and received minor damage.

Information about the victims is being specified, the movement of trains continues.

As Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, clarified, a large heating was torn apart by a rocket strike in the railway station area. Part of Kyiv may be left without heat.

In addition, our Heroic Air Defense shot down a Russian fascist cruise missile, which was destined for one of the control centers.

The wreckage of the downed rocket damaged the heating main, but the damage will be repaired by morning.

If this missile had hit a target somewhere in the center of Kyiv, the casualties and destruction would have been horrendous.

According to Ukrainian Pravda sources, the target of the Russian missile strike was either the Ministry of Defense or the Land Forces Command. The air defense system shot down the missile. It was its wreckage that fell near the South Railway Station.

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