Why the Russian Federation began to hit Ukraine with aircraft more often: the National Guard explained the tactics of the enemy

The National Guard commented on the increase in Russian air strikes throughout Ukraine, particularly today’s attacks on the capital.

According to the information of the National Guard of Ukraine representative, Ruslan Muzychuk, which he voiced on the air of the information telethon, the intensity of missile strikes throughout Ukraine is growing. In particular, air strikes from the territory of Belarus when planes approach the border with Ukraine and launch missiles.

“Kyiv showed us this morning (morning missile strike). A total missile potential has also been accumulated in the Black Sea, which also amounts to dozens of missiles,” he said.

Muzychuk noted that mass missile strikes are connected with successful political decisions for Ukraine.

“This is a scorched earth tactic and keeping society on edge. This is also caused by a number of successful political decisions regarding Ukraine that took place this week,” he explained.

The speaker also said that our defenders are progressing in maintaining their occupied positions along the entire front line.

“There are successes in the Kharkiv direction, in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Therefore, they are doing everything not to give up their territories,” he added.

According to him, the situation on the northern borders of Ukraine indicates a high probability of missile strikes.

“There is no direct threat of invasion by troops from Belarus, but we see that Belarus provides its territory for artillery strikes,” the speaker said.

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