Wildix, the world leader of Unified Communications and WebRTC, chooses Odessa as its R&D Center

Wildix is an award winning multinational company that operates in the telecommunications industry, developing browser-based Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products / IP PBX, for their clients in 135 countries.

The company was founded by Steve Osler (pictured right) and Dimitri Osler (pictured left), two ambitious entrepreneurs from Trento, in Italy, with a solid background in information technology and engineering.

In 2005, the Osler brothers startered cooperation with independent IT professionals, in Odessa (Ukraine), who later on built the technological heart, the R&D backbone of the Wildix UC&C solution.

Soon after that, Wildix grew into a multinational company that now supports thousands of small and medium sized businesses (between 50 and 1000 users), that need to provide their employees and collaborators with efficient yet simple to use communications tools.

The Wildix’s HQ is based in Tallinn (Estonia) with regional offices in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, the USA, Spain and the Scandinavian region.

The Wildix’s communications solution is now available to businesses in more than 135 countries all over the world, having more than 1.2 million users globally.

The solution is brilliantly simple – employees without any technical background can start using even the most advanced functionality – which results in high adoption rate among users and in positive ROI. Unlike other solutions available in the market, Wildix offers a complete range of Hardware products to enhance their marketing leading Unified Communications & Collaboration features.

The Wildix’s development from a start up into a multinational communications leader in UC&C and WebRTC was thanks to the joint efforts, dedication and expertise of the company’s Founders and Staff, and the Independant IT professionals from Odessa, Ukraine are a massive part of this impressive success story.

The Wildix’s investment in the Odessa region and Ukraine isn’t limited by cooperation with independent IT, Sales, Marketing professionals who now occupy a 1500 sq meters office space in the city center of Odessa.

Wildix also supports a dance school “Глорія-Данс – Перша Школа Бального танцю м.Бар” from the tiny city of Bar, which is situated in the Vinnitsa region, helping young and talented dancers in achieving their goals and perform internationally.

We are happy to cooperate with talented IT, Sales and Marketing professionals from Odessa. The product we have been developing and promoting  together over these last 15 years is a real game- changer in the ICT Industry, we get more and more recognition in the EMEA Region, APAC and the United States, all this  would not be possible without the Team we built in Odessa.

Dimitri Osler, Wildix CTO

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