World Cheese Awards will take place in Ukraine

Ukraine received the right to host the World Cheese Awards 2022 and next year the festival will be held in Kyiv.

The press service of the Ardis Group reports this, noting that the teams of Ardis Group and ProCheese have been working towards this goal for four years. And it was not easy to become a winner – there was a record number of applicants: 4079!

ProCheese Awards is an annual festival of cheese art and a Ukrainian national competition for the best cheese. In 2021, Ukrainian “Dooobra Farm” won the Grand Prix and represented Ukraine at the WCA in Spain.

The company notes that for the first time in more than 30 years of the World Cheese Awards, Ukraine will host cheesemakers and cheese connoisseurs from different parts of the world at a competition where they will choose the next cheese champion. This will bring the world culture of cheese consumption to Ukrainians and continue to get to know Ukraine through cheese.

ProCheese expert Oksana Chernova, the first judge from Ukraine at the World Cheese Awards, this year received the status of “team captain” and became one of the members of Super Gold Jury, who chose the finalist.

ProCheese is a unique Ardis Group project that brings together people and businesses that live and are interested in cheese and support the idea of ​​developing a culture of cheese consumption in Ukraine. The ProCheese team helps both professional audiences and amateur cheese lovers learn more about cheese.

Preparation begins now and kicks off with the ProCheese Awards and the World Cheese Awards next year.

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