Yigal Levin: Russia is preparing a new attack on Ukraine

For the offensive of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to gather several hundred thousand invaders, said an officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

Military expert Israel Defense Forces officer Yigal Levin does not rule out that Russia may try to make a new attack on Kyiv.

Commenting on the latest statement by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, that the Russian Federation can prepare an offensive in various directions, including Kyiv, the expert noted that nothing is surprising in this because the war is not over yet, Channel 24 reports.

“Kyiv is the capital, it is the heart of the state. For them (Russians) this is a great symbolism. They are ready to lose 100 Khersons. If they are told that at the cost of 100 Khersons, they will be allowed to take one Kyiv, they will certainly take it. And it will nullify all their failures. Kyiv is a central goal for them.”

According to Levin, for the offensive of Russia, it is necessary to gather several hundred thousand invaders. With 200,000 troops at its disposal, the Russian Federation may try to approach Kyiv, the expert added:

“I doubt it is possible to capture Kyiv with such a number of soldiers, but it is possible to attempt to encircle it.”

Commenting on the timing of such an offensive named by Zaluzhny – at the end of January or March – Levin noted:

“On the scale of such a big war, the end of January and March is a big difference. You can train the crew for 1 – 2 places of the difference, get new types of weapons, etc.”

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