Yuriy Fedorov: Why does the Kremlin make intervals between attacks

Yuriy Fedorov called the occupiers’ tactics “cannibalistic.”

Russia’s missiles will be enough for several more massive strikes on Ukraine. The Kremlin deliberately makes intervals between attacks so that damage can be repaired in Ukraine. Military expert Yuriy Fedorov said this on the air of the Freedom TV channel.

“This cannibalistic strategy is peculiar to Russia,” Fedorov noted.

He also discussed what Ukraine should prepare for in the coming weeks.

“If we exclude the S-300 missiles, Russia has one and a half thousand high-precision missiles left. These are missiles of various types. Recently, Russia mainly used air-based missiles. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia has 450 such missiles left. There are also anti-ship missiles that are fired from occupied Crimea; there are more than 700 of them. But such missiles are intended in case of a war with NATO, up to 100 missiles are used in each mass strike,” Fedorov provided information.

Regarding Russia’s next attack on Ukraine’s energy system, the expert noted that the one-week period is not only related to the fact that the Russians need to collect missiles from all over the country.

There are also tactical considerations here. A few days before the strike in Ukraine, damaged elements of the energy supply system were restored. As soon as they are restored, another strike is launched after that – such a cannibalistic strategy characteristic of the Russian Federation. So several massive strikes of Russian missiles will be enough,” an expert noted.

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