ZELDA BAR – First absinthe bar in Ukraine

Address: Lanzheronovskaya 26

ZELDA BAR is named after the icon of the wild vibrant jazz era of the 1920s, Zelda Sayre, the wife and muse of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The absinthe bar recreates the atmosphere, reflected in the famous novel “The Great Gatsby”, which is rumoured to be written by the main character: Zelda.

ZELDA is an innovative concept of combining a cocktail bar, a store of high-quality alcoholic drinks with an art salon. A place where the culture of absinthe combine the temperament of France of the Belle Époque.

Four types of art have been combined in ZELDA BAR: mixology of Vasily Shilofost (Parovoz Speak Easy, P1 prosecco bar), cuisine of Evgeny Ziper, stylish hospitality and the jewelry craftsmanship of the brand AGANA by Sheina Miretskaya, whose showroom operates in the bar.

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