15 thoughts of Valentin Kataev about everything in the world

The famous phrase that Valentin Petrovich Kataev is a world famous writer is certainly true. But these are dry, general words. It is especially dear to Odessa citizens. Our review contains the most interesting phrases from interviews and books of this writer.

Born on January 16 (29 ns.) 1897, in Odessa in the family of a teacher. He studied at the Odessa gymnasium. At the age of nine he began to write poetry, some of them were published in Odessa newspapers.

It is good to be a pure drop and to conceal worlds in oneself!

The most precious quality of an artist is complete, absolute independence of his judgments.

Summer is dying. Autumn is dying. Winter is death itself. And spring is constant. It lives endlessly in the depths of eternally changing matter, it only changes its forms

I saw the miracle of genuine poetry: a new world was opened for me

That old, young me is no longer there. I have not survived. The pencil is written. And bad poems, scribbled on paper, light as ash – here they are – remained. Isn’t it a miracle?

Hungry young man with an ax and a jacket. And who knows what Dostoevsky experienced while composing his Raskolnikov. What is one surname worth?

The desire to create is already creation …

There is no such grief, which would not be lacking in front of life. And this is great happiness. Otherwise, how would we all live?

Profitable marriage with love – does not happen often

Having read the beginning of my new poem, and suddenly lost my interest in it …

Black thoughts dissipated. Have you noticed how easily black thoughts disperse?

Emptiness is also material. But it is indestructible. It cannot be torn apart by anything.

Have you noticed that surprise is the first step to love?

We are surrounded by more objects than is necessary for existence.

Then he spent some time looking for oblivion while travelling …