28,000 tons of metal products were exported from the port of Mariupol by the invaders

The Metinvest holding stated that the invaders had already stolen almost 30,000 tons of Ukrainian metal products through the occupied port of Mariupol.

The company said it had encountered piracy and looting by the aggressor country’s army.

28,000 tons of metallurgical products manufactured by Azovstal and Illich Steel and Iron Works, which were to be exported to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, and Turkey, were loaded on the ships stationed in the waters of the now-occupied port of Mariupol.


The holding fears that the occupiers would use these ships, as well as Russian ships, to steal and smuggle metal products to the ports of Rostov, Taganrog, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and occupied Sevastopol for further illegal sales to countries in Africa and Asia that do not support sanctions. RF.

We did not give any permits for the export of metal from Mariupol. This is piracy. We will make every possible legal effort to bring the perpetrators and their accomplices to strict legal responsibility and compensation for the damage caused to us


In addition, the holding appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers and the President’s Office to impose sanctions on Russian residents who illegally seize and resell Ukrainian metal. Relevant letters on behalf of Taras Shevchenko, Director General of the Illich Steel and Iron Works, have already been sent to the addressees.

According to the company, approximately 145,000 tons of Illich Steel and Iron Works metal products remain in occupied Mariupol, of which more than 124,000 tons are on the territory of the seaport. At the end of May 2022, the ship RM-3 with the plant’s products on board sailed from the port of Mariupol to Rostov-on-Don. The vessel is owned by River-Sea Management Company (RF), the head and founder of which is Gennady Arustamov.

The Ukrainian company has already appealed to law enforcement agencies with a statement about the commission of a criminal offense. The plant’s appeal also emphasizes the lack of cooperation or coordination with representatives of the aggressor country or its occupation administration, which is involved in exporting metal to Russia.

“Illich Steel and Iron Works notes that the activities of these residents of the Russian Federation threaten the national interests, security and economy of Ukraine. The company asks the Government and the Office of the President of Ukraine to impose sanctions against River-Sea Management Company, which is responsible for the theft of property, its manager, as well as other individuals and legal entities that transport, unload, sell or resell products stolen from Illich Steel and Iron Works”, – it is specified in the message.

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