37 specialists from different countries were involved. In Kyiv, the creation of the Mariupol recovery concept began

Urban planners and authorities communicated with the city’s residents about their wishes for reconstruction. Urban bureau Big City Lab tells about the event.

In Kyiv, a meeting was held with the residents of Mariupol on the initiative of the city authorities to discuss their vision for the restoration of the city after de-occupation. In this way, the vision of the revival of the city Mariupol Reborn was launched.

The Mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, noted that the concept should be developed already so that it would be ready by the time the city is liberated.

The Big City Lab team already helped rebuild the city after the invasion of Russian troops in 2014: then they developed sports, culture, business, and public spaces.

Now, urbanists gathered a multidisciplinary group of 37 specialists from different countries, analyzed the experience of rebuilding cities after the Second World War, natural disasters, and held a workshop with experts to plan the first steps.

They discussed the wishes of Mariupol residents regarding the urban environment, municipal services and interaction with the authorities, education, and medicine, economy, ecology, culture, sports, traditions, security, as well as recommendations and wishes directly to Big City Lab specialists from Mariupol residents.

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