The largest barge in Ukraine

The largest barge of Ukraine was finally completed and launched into the Danube in Izmail (Odessa region).

The largest barge in Ukraine was completed and solemnly launched in Izmail September 29. The vessel was built by the Svetlovodsk river terminal, which is part of the AgroVista holding.

This is the largest barge built in the independent Ukraine: a 128-meter non-self-propelled vessel Dnipro-AV-01 of D-6000 project.

The first launch into the Danube took place in the middle of September. After that there was a number of outfitting work ahead, including the installation of hatches, as well as the application of the ship owner’s corporate identity. Now the ship officially left the dock in the presence of representatives of the customer the AgroVista holding.

The length of a non-self-propelled vessel of the “river-sea” type is 127.6 m, width 16.3 m, draft 3.8 m. Surface gauge of an empty vessel 6.7 m, displacement in fresh water 6000 t, in sea water by draft 3.8 m – 7418 t. The vessel has two holds, which allows carrying two different cargoes simultaneously. As previously announced, the barge will be used to transport grain along the Dnieper.

Now we have 2 tugs and 4 barges with a total carrying capacity of 8 thousand tons. Today one more barge with a carrying capacity of 6 thousand tons has joined our family. This tonnage will allow us, first of all, to serve our own cargo traffic, which is formed at the Svetlovodsk river terminal. And not only at Svetlovodsk, but we are also ready to work at other terminals along the Dnieper

Yuri Skichko, co-founder of the AgroVista holding

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