8 films about the war in Ukraine were shown at the Artdocfest festival in Riga

The Artdocfest/Riga International Documentary Film Festival continues in Riga. It showed six films about the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine. Ukrinform reports.

In particular, on Thursday, the film “When Spring Came to Bucha” was shown, directed by the directing couple, Ukrainian Mila Teshaeva and German Markus Lenz. One of the co-authors, Markus Lenz, presented the picture and answered questions from the audience.

On Friday, the 28-minute short film “Away” was shown at the festival. Her heroes are 16-year-old refugee artists from Ukraine, Andriy and Alisa, who staged a performance on the streets of Budapest: they drew a map of Ukraine, on which several mechanical soldiers with the letters Z on their backs are crawling. Small children will rearrange the soldiers so that they crawl away beyond the Ukrainian borders.

On Saturday and Sunday, Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravicius’ dilogy “Mariupolis” (2016) and “Mariupolis-2” (2022) were shown.

Also on Sunday, you could view the painting by Dmytro Tomashpolsky, “Larisa Kadochnikova. War” (2022). In the tape, the Ukrainian actress, who once played Marichka in the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, and after February 24 decided to stay in Kyiv, tells about the existence of the Ukrainian capital in its most difficult days of the war.

Another film, “Wind from the East” (2022), directed by Kateryna Stepankova, tells how her mother, actress Ada Rogovtseva, gathered an acting brigade in 2014, which has been traveling to the front and supporting Ukrainian defenders for many years.

On Monday, the festival will also show two war-themed works by Ukrainian director Alisa Kovalenko — her latest work “We Will Not Fade Away” (2023) and her older “Alice in the Land of War” (2015). Kovalenko herself will present her works and answer audience questions.

The war in Ukraine has become the central theme of the Artdocfest festival, which is particularly evidenced by its emblem: three fingers of a hand in yellow and blue colors, raised up as a sign of a trident.

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