A 30-metres tram (the first of 6) started service in Odessa

Today, the Odyssey-Max, 30-metres tram, was presented in Odessa, the port city on the shores of the Black Sea. It is the first of six to take service.

The unidirectional vehicle comprises three sections, of which the central section has a low floor. It has capacity for 250 passengers including 62 seated. It is the longest in Ukraine.

Odyssey-Max is all homemade. Actually, it was all assembled in the major repair site of the operator Odesmisʹkelektrotrans on a production cycle conceived by Vagonoremontni Maisterni, a company producing railway wagons. Carriages recovered from old Tatras T3, modular bodyshells developed by the Polytechnoservis workshops based on Pragoimex designs, German-made equipment and finishes, all in-house processing and assembly.

The final cost of the car was 18 million grivna (662,000 euros): the Mayor of Odessa, during the presentation, underlined the excellent work that allowed a considerable saving compared to the purchase of a similar new turnkey car ( at least 2 million euros).

The new big tram will serve the line 26, The Odessa tram network extends for 197 km and has 19 ordinary lines and 5 activated in the summer season or for special events.

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