A destroyed Russian tank went to Latvia from Ukraine. It can be seen at the exhibition

A Russian tank, left by the occupation forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, is going to Latvia. It can be seen at the exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the war, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said in a statement.

Friday, February 24, marks the one-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. On this day, exhibitions of Russian military equipment destroyed in Ukraine will open in several European countries.

“Tonight, four Russian tanks “invaded” the EU and NATO countries. But, as they say, there is a nuance. Thanks to the Ukrainian soldiers,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in a statement.

“On February 24, citizens of four countries – Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – will see that Russian tanks can enter Europe through Ukraine only as museum pieces,” he explained.

According to the information of the Riga City Council, an exhibition of destroyed equipment of the Russian army will be available at the corner of Kronvalda Park in front of the Russian embassy. However, the Riga City Council could not clarify whether the mentioned tank would be exhibited at this particular exhibition.

Prior to this, exhibitions of Russian equipment destroyed in Ukraine had already been held in Poland and the Czech Republic in the summer, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry explained.

“This should be a signal for the Russians as well. Europe will see their true face in a close-up. If earlier it caused total fear, now it is more often disgust and contempt,” Reznikov said in a statement.

“More Europeans will be convinced that Russia can and should be defeated on the battlefield. And it’s better to do it in Ukraine so that later you don’t have to stop the enemy at home. Glory to Ukraine!” Reznikov summed up.

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