A division of Ukrainian patrol boats will be based in the Port Yuzhny

The flotilla of the Naval Forces of Ukraine must protect the coastal zone of the Black Sea ports.

120 meters of the berthing front of the Port Yuzhny was taken to accommodate a division that will guard and defend the territory of the Black Sea ports, as well as Snake Island. This was stated by the commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Neyizhpapa.

The future division of patrol boats will be located in the Port Yuzhny. Last year, with the president’s help, we got a mooring front of 120 meters. This division will be located there locally, which will ensure the safety of navigation in the coastal sea zone, coastal sea zone, security and defense ports in the Black Sea. It is also the protection and defense of the same Snake Island, the safety of communications and so on.

Oleksiy Neyizhpapa
Oleksiy Neyizhpapa
Photo: Unian

He stressed the impossibility of the fleet without naval bases. Neizhpapa also mentioned Island-type boats from the United States and whose crews were trained in Baltimore. Two of them have already joined the Ukrainian Navy.