A Honey park will be created in Odessa region

Honey producers in the Odessa region on the basis of the “Zdorovaya Pchela” farm (Velikomikhaylovsk district) are creating a cluster of beekeepers’ communities, which will provide all beekeeping services – from migrating to pumping and storing honey.

Farm “Zdorovaya Pchela” and the Cluster of Beekeepers’ Communities, which are being created in the Odessa region, will become the basis for the development of green tourism in the region. And in the future – a platform for the creation of the “Honey Park of Ukraine”.

Beekeepers are confident that thanks to their farming and future cluster, it will be possible to find a new approach to the health of the nation with the help of beekeeping products and apitherapy.

It is noted that educational institutions for beekeepers and specialists in the production of medicines and food products from honey will work in the “Honey Park of Ukraine”. Also, beekeepers plan to create a museum of beekeeping, which will show the centuries-old history of the development of this industry in Ukraine and the world.

Our future cluster can operate not only on the territory of the Odessa region, but also go beyond regional borders. There is already the first contract with the private enterprise “Veresen” and TM “ORGANIKO” for the pollination of lands that are under the control of specialists from “Organic Standard”. LLC “VIS Terra” campaigns for our farm to provide them with pollination of 18 land plots of 500-1500 hectares of organic crops.

Vladimir Petrushev, the founder of the farm “Zdorovaya Pchela”

According to him, the experience of the clusters in general in Ukraine is still small, so the beekeepers of Odessa region are studying the experience of foreign colleagues. They actively communicate with beekeepers of the Ukrainian diasporas in Europe and USA, who have resources and unique technologies in the honey industry.