A mural dedicated to the young yachtsmen who blocked Abramovich’s yacht appeared in the Odessa Yacht Club

In Odessa, in the Black Sea Yacht Club, they completed the drawing of a mural dedicated to the heroic young yachtsmen. The youth team of yachtsmen from Odessa made history when they blocked the yacht of the Russian oligarch Abramovich in Turkey at the World Championship in the Optimist class. News. Live journalists report this.

The picture shows two young athletes in traditional sailing equipment. A girl and a boy with the flag of Ukraine confidently and smilingly hold the yacht under them as a symbol of resistance to Russian aggression. By their act, they showed that even small Ukrainians keep the line.

“The meaning was such that in children there is strength, our future. We must ensure they do not see this war, do not find it and it does not pass on to them. So that they are above it. We are fighting for their future without war. They we were inspired,” said the authors of the mural, Anastasia and Evgeny Maine.

Photo: News.Live

“We are now filming a video for this song “Keep the Mood” and want to put it into rotation. We believe that we need such actions in such difficult times. Ukraine is fighting such a terrible invasion and everyone in their place supports our troops,” the head Duke-time group Grigory Terekhov.

In the Black Sea Yacht Club, they did not think for a long time, and after blocking Abramovich’s yacht by the children, they decided to record this event in the club’s history.

“This event caused a great resonance in the world. And we wanted it to stay for a long time and everyone remembered that our children are heroes. Then we were looking for a place where to draw, and immediately artists appeared in life who could do it,” said the director of the yacht club Albert Kabakov.

How Abramovich’s yacht was blocked

International competitions are held yearly, but this year the athletes took second place; only the team from the United States of America surpassed them.

“The Ukrainian team took second place at the 2022 World Championships in the team race. The children fought like crazy, like the last time! We thank all the teams, it was emotional and incredible. Ukraine is in the top!” – commented on the victory of the team’s coach Pavel Dontsov.

And during the championship, the superyacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich Solaris entered the port of the Turkish city of Bodrum, a young team of Ukrainian yachtsmen aged 10-18 tried to prevent it from berthing.

The yacht, 139 meters long and 26 meters wide, arrived from the Porto Montenegro. It is not known if Abramovich was on his luxury yacht during the resistance action. The video of the moment of blocking was published by the father of one of the athletes, Vyacheslav Madonich.

After some time, the Turkish Coast Guard turned to the athletes. She stated that such an action is illegal and forced to stop blocking. But this did not frighten the fearless athletes.

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