The largest pedestrian zone in Ukraine

In Odessa, a meeting of the city executive committee was held, to consider the issue of creating a pedestrian weekend zone in the city. The proposal was approved worthwhile, so now the historic center of Odessa will be closed for travel on weekends and holidays.

Part of Ekaterininskaya Street, from the intersection with Grecheskaya to Primorsky Boulevard, Chaikovsky and Vorontsovskiy lanes, Lanzheronovskaya streets in full, as well as the first quarters of Pushkinskaya and Rishelyevskaya – to Grecheskaya streets will be limited to pedestrians.

The director of the transport department, Sergei Tetyukhin, says that the new traffic regime will begin work on June 10, and maybe even from June 5-6, in any case, the creation of a car-free zone is a settled issue.

Expansion of the pedestrian area will allow to combine the existing pedestrian zone on Deribasovskaya and in the City Garden with a similar one on Dumskaya, Primorsky Boulevard and Theatre Square. They will all become one.

The Odessa pedestrian zone will be the largest in Ukraine and will occupy 52 hectares. Four checkpoints will be installed for the passage of citizens living on pedestrian streets. The mayor’s office has promised to find a parking space.

According to officials, four posts of municipal security and patrol police officers will be installed to ensure the pedestrian zone.

Now on weekends, the center of Odessa is crowded with people. In fact, it consists of two pedestrian zones – Deribasovskaya and Primorsky Boulevard, which are connected by narrow streets. It is perfectly logical and correct to combine them into one large pedestrian zone at least on weekends. This is a normal European practice and is of great benefit to the city.