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Whole truth about Ukraine

25 Jun, 2021
Whole truth about Ukraine

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Many scales that measure or compare Ukraine standard of living for different countries. Most generalized rating according UN indicators, which includes: fertility as well as mortality rates, volume consumption goods as well as services, quality education, medicine and transport, level employment, etc.

Is Ukraine a safe place to live?

"Isn't it scary to live for country where there war going on?" - most frequent question that we were asked. Scary. When you have sitting exclusively on a news diet since 2014, world picture have overwhelmed by horizon: threats take Kiev fly from the East per three days, Boeings falling, Mariupol shaking, cigarettes shooting at Mukachevo. Yet then come for a probationary period for us with Ukraine, you look reality or understand own true proportions things. There no hot phase war, the cities calms. Many humanity, whose opinion I listen to, continue work quietly per Ukraine - for example, one same creator DOU, Maksim Ishchenko. Eurovision held into not taken Kiev. Maidan AKA Revolution of Dignity has shown that people have will, desire for change. Although slipping after Maidan signals that do nope know how to achieve these changes ourselves, quickly. Further, Facebook or YouTube have become real social weapons. Already I managed to see how quickly cockroaches scatter bright light (press). Well, city must chosen withal low crime - statistics show into Western Ukraine, crime is 2-3 times lower than in south-eastern regions and capital. Therefore, it no longer scary. People live because Ukraine is one of modern Wild West. Country of risk – or great opportunities. Ukraine's main problem is not war that will end someday, but something more serious. Yet sometimes people get impression that someone has living in Ukraine as foreigner. Since neither city nor state authorities fulfill their election promises. It seems as if we are all foreigners moreover not citizens at this country. odessajournal 0

Life in Ukraine pros and cons

Within this section, we will present you with several living in Ukraine pros and cons. Unfortunately there more disadvantages now than advantages. Ukraine very young, reaching the same level. Pros Ukraine life:

  • pretty girls
  • freedom speech;
  • freedom religion;
  • Quality and inexpensive restaurants food
  • access education;

Cons Ukraine life:

  • Ukraine standard of living
  • income level;
  • it impossible influence changes into the city
  • road condition;
  • Trust in politicians
  • Tariffs

Ukraine standard of living

Ukrainians too unhappy withal their country, plus every third thought about emigration. Conscious public justifies need for constant ideological “tightening screws” moreover that without this it is impossible move towards a bright European future. At same time, compatriots sometimes do nope even think that Ukraine is far from worst state to live in moreover their negative perception at this country often irrational. After all, much of what easily accessible Ukrainian at home very expensive, if not completely unattainable, for average resident economically successful also wealthy Old World.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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