A part of a Russian missile washed up on the beach in Bulgaria

The discovery amazed tourists on the beach between the cities of Pomorie and Aheloy. Part of the rocket washed up on the beach right in front of the sunbeds.

This is reported by Nova.bg.

The photo of the remnants of the mine instantly spread on social networks. The police were called to the scene.

According to experts, this is the engine compartment of the Russian anti-aircraft missile of the Pantsir-S1 complex. It separates in flight from the rocket itself. The remains do not threaten people and cannot explode.

It should be noted that after the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia on the coast of Bulgaria, about 30 finds related to hostilities were discovered. Only one of them was explosive.

Recall that due to the Black Sea’s stormy weather, enemy mines’ drifting may increase. As a result, the risk of recreation has increased in the beach area.

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