A revolutionary step: the government adopted a resolution that will start the mass production of UAVs in Ukraine

The government adopted a resolution that creates better conditions for the production of UAVs in Ukraine. Now companies can develop, scale, reinvest profits, and compete with foreign companies. This is an opportunity to technologically strengthen our defenders at the front, as well as to develop our own production of drones actively.

The adopted resolution changed the requirements for outdated and over bureaucratized rules, which encouraged Ukrainian companies to leave the domestic market.

The new legislation will speed up the purchase of drones, and their delivery to the front, and most importantly, it will create conditions for Ukrainian business. The adopted resolution starts the mass production of UAVs in Ukraine. After all, manufacturers now do not need to spend several months on paperwork, and instead of excessive bureaucracy, they can directly engage in the production of UAVs.

Also, drone manufacturers will be able to earn more profit and then reinvest it in further development. One formula for calculating a UAV’s purchase price has the following form: production costs + percentage of profit. Previously, the profit on foreign components was 1%, on own goods and services – 30%. Low profits prevented companies from developing. To stimulate the development of UAVs in Ukraine and attract more companies to production, the state raised the profit share to 25%.

In addition, the resolution simplifies the conclusion of contracts, acceptance of goods, admission to operation, and delivery to the front. On the one hand, enterprises receive favorable conditions for development and scaling, and on the other hand, our military will receive faster and more drones at the front.

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