“A tough period”: intelligence named the main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the war until autumn-winter

The period of autumn and winter is tough for combat operations. Therefore, the Ukrainian troops first need to stop the offensive impulse, the pace of the Russian invaders.

Ukraine’s allies understand this and supply the necessary military equipment.

Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, announced this at a briefing.

“If we talk about the critical situation, we must say that the autumn-winter period is coming. As a rule, it is complicated for combat operations. Therefore, today there will be critical questions. First, it is necessary to stop the offensive impulse, the offensive pace of Russia” , the intelligence official explained.

Vadim Skibitsky. Photo: Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

“Accordingly, other operations are planned by the same direct order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to conduct operations,” he added.

Skibitsky assured that Ukraine’s allies understand all this and supply military equipment that helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine achieve success at the front. In particular, the HIMARS systems and 155-calibre artillery have already made it possible to destroy many command posts of the invaders and force the invaders to withdraw their warehouses from the front line.

“All this affects the pace of the offensive, the fighting because the supply shoulder increases and the enemy fears that they can be destroyed. And this is a reality that already exists today,” the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate noted.

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