Abbas Gallyamov: Putin wants peace that can be sold to the Russians as a victory

Russian political scientist about why Russia needed “referenda” in the occupied territories and why the Kremlin still needs negotiations with Ukraine.

“Referenda” in the occupied territories was a trap that the Kremlin fell into due to its own stupidity,” says Abbas Gallyamov in an interview with Channel 24. “Kiriyenko (the first deputy head of the presidential administration) told Putin that it was impossible to accept territory into Russia that they could not hold militarily. However, after Kharkiv, Pushilin, Pasechkin, and other local collaborators were frightened because they saw how the army fled, leaving the collaborators to be torn to pieces by the SSU. They realized that the same future awaited them, so they could only consolidate themselves as part of Russia, that is, to hold “referendums”. And then they played against the will of Kiriyenko, turned to other departments and people, pulling this topic into the information space.”

Kiriyenko could not do anything against the alleged will of the people, because they said that they came there and started this war for the sake of the people, and now he wants to join them.

As for the negotiations, which the Russian authorities have been talking about so often lately, the political scientist says: Putin really needs negotiations. He even needs peace, but he is not tired of peace on Ukraine’s terms.

“Putin wants peace that can be sold to the Russians as a victory. Of course, you can’t sell a complete victory; no one even dreams of it. But at least in such a way that it could show the Russians that Russia had somehow prevailed in relation to the situation before February 24th. To show that all this was not in vain, something was acquired. Since there is nothing to show as evidence of acquisition, they continue (to fight) but cannot continue because the army is retreating. However, it cannot be delayed. So they are stuck in this fork.

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