About the situation in Mariupol today

By Ludmila Denisova, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights

In Mariupol, people’s psyche is destroyed during the dismantling of debris due to mountains of corpses.

Ukrainians who remain in Mariupol are forced to carry out tasks assigned to them by the occupiers. This allows them to receive food rations, feed their relatives, and be relatively safe.

Dozens of corpses of civilians are found under each dismantled house. Therefore, there are well-founded suspicions that the official figures for human losses in Mariupol will be much higher than 20,000.

The city hall has the testimony of a man who had to do this terrible job. He said that many Mariupol residents had nervous breakdowns from what they saw.

Russian invaders do not allow to bury citizens who died in their own homes. Therefore, inscriptions are left on the doors of their homes, which indicate not the date of death, but the corpse’s discovery. They are waiting in line for burial right in apartments or houses.

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies have appeared online. They testify that the occupiers have been working for several days on the site of the drama theater they bombed. Heavy construction equipment has already been brought there.

The dead bodies are being taken out from under the rubble of the theater. They plan to bury them in a 300-meter trench in Mangush.

The occupying authorities forbade Mariupol residents to move through the destroyed city and within the occupied part of the Donetsk region without so-called “filtration”.

First you need to pass the “check” in one of the regional departments of the “ministry of internal affairs” in Mangush, Novoazovsk, Nikolsky or at the checkpoints Mangush and Bezymyanne.

After that, Mariupol residents need to apply to the so-called “commandant’s office” of Mariupol with a certificate and get a travel permit within the Donetsk region.

Three documents that Mariupol residents must receive in order to “freely” move temporarily through the occupied territory of Donetsk region: a certificate of “filtration”, a permit to move through the city streets and a permit to move outside Mariupol.

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