About the only Ukrainian cigar brandy

Jatone Cigar Reserve is the first cognac in Ukraine, created by cognac masters in synergy with the best cigar experts, as an ideal accompaniment that makes it possible to reveal and complement the taste of a cigar at all stages of smoking.

The House of Vintage Cognacs ‘Tavria’ is one of the best producers of vintage cognacs in Ukraine. This largest enterprise has existed for over a hundred years. It all started in 1822, when the Russian Tsar, Alexander I, invited French and Swiss viticulturists and winemakers to the Black Sea shores to plant the first vineyards in the area. In 1889, three of these foreign winemakers, Louis Gekhler, Julius Meyer, and Jean Jatone, went hunting to the banks of lower Dnipro, and accidentally rode to the same area, where the city of Nova Kahovka is now situated. The colonists were impressed by the vast unexploited land, which ideally fitted grape growing. The three men bought over 500 hectares of land in this area. The colonists made no mistake in their forecasts: after only a decade of cultivation, they became owners of unbelievable vineyards that could compete with those located in world-famous French provinces.

The grapes that are grown here grow in unique natural conditions. This terroir, a combination of soil and climatic conditions, predetermines the quality and uniqueness of the taste characteristics of wine and spirits obtained from grown grapes.

Today, The House of Vintage Cognacs ‘Tavria’ is a successful enterprise, occupying one of the top places in the ranking of brandy/ cognac and wine producers in Ukraine. The company’s products cover at least a third of the domestic market and are actively exported abroad.

Over the decades, the production of Tavria has won numerous awards at local and international tasting competitions. Currently, Tavria holds 235 awards, 101 Gold, 92 Silver, 42 Bronze medals, 44 special awards, and – our pride – 9 Grand Prix.

For every famous brandy house, the launch of a new brandy position – is a big event, and the release of “cigar” brandy – is the highest art. Brandy and cigar have their own taste and flavor, depending on aging conditions and production technologies.

Jatone Cigar Reserve – is “Tavria’s” another pride, and it is the only Ukrainian cigar brandy. It is Ukrainian cognac, which belongs to the XO class.

Jatone Cigar Reserve
Photo: Krylia Branding

Jatone Cigar Reserve
Photo: Krylia Branding

Before becoming a masterpiece Jatone Cigar Reserve went a huge path of tastings in conjunction with different cigars, by which, was found the optimal blend of spirits from 15 to 35 years old, and it considered to be suitable for the majority of medium-strong Cuban, Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars by many cigar experts. The advantage of Jatone Cigar Reserve is the ability to show and complement the taste of cigars at all stages of smoking.

This brandy is mainly made of grapes from the following varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Aligoté. A very pleasant smell, full of walnuts, plums, leather, tobacco, slightly marzipan. The taste is full of tannins, bitterness, and fruitiness – plums, apricots, tobacco, spices – nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon.

When working on packaging, Krylia Branding team strove to clearly and concisely convey to a minimal and imperative audience the essence of a brand created specifically for cigar smokers. The very specificity of the unique product prompted the idea to pack the bottle in a cylindrical tube in the form of a smoked cigar.

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