About the water from mainland Ukraine to the occupied Crimea

According to legal technology, specialists had to prepare the North Crimean Canal for at least six months by launching water from mainland Ukraine to the occupied peninsula. This is stated in the story Crimea today.

During 8 years of inactivity, even wild animals settled in the canal’s waters, and the channel became overgrown with grass and bushes, political scientist Yevheniya Gor and expert of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mykhailo Yatsiuk shared.

There will be a lot of different mixtures, additives. It will not be poisonous but dirty

Yevheniya Gor

But the biggest threat is the fighting just next to the water intake, journalists say. It is impossible to carry out analyzes under shelling, so no one knows for sure what heavy metals from the fragments of rockets and shells are stuffed into the soil, from which all this is washed out with water.

Water pipelines were shelled, bombed, including ammunition that greatly impacts water quality

Mykhailo Yatsiuk

He clarified that the water in Crimea is generally of poor quality due to network problems.

Even the propaganda media themselves wrote that a high concentration of the artificial radionuclide Strontium-90 was recorded in the waters of the North Crimean Canal.

The level of its content is comparable with the indicators of 1988 – two years after the Chernobyl accident.

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