AeroVironment donated Ukraine with over 100 Quantix Recon unmanned aircraft systems

This was reported by the press service of the company “AeroVironment”

According to the company, one hundred Quantix Recon UAVs will be provided independently of other systems of the company supplied to Ukraine by the US government. The drones donated to our state will be sent this week, followed by other deliveries.

Mr. Wahid Nawabi, Chairman and CEO of AeroVironment introduced the UAV to the Ukrainian ambassador and military attache and noted:

As the Ukraine military’s fight to protect their homeland and defend their nation’s freedom against Russia’s invasion intensifies, their need for solutions that can offer force protection and force multiplication capabilities continues. 

Wahid Nawabi

This donation will provide operators with a tool that can fly undetected by enemy forces and unaffected by radio frequency jammers to deliver accurate and rapid reconnaissance of remote, inaccessible areas of the dynamically changing battlefield.

Wahid Nawabi

According to him, using the actionable intelligence gathered by the Quantix Recon, operators can conduct quick mission planning and verification to help keep Ukrainian ground forces out of harm’s way.

AeroVironment is honored to support the people of Ukraine

Wahid Nawabi

Delivery of the Quantix Recon UAS is independent of other AeroVironment tactical missile systems and UAS already being provided to Ukraine by the United States Government. The first half of the donated Quantix Recon UAS shipment is expected to be delivered this week with operational training commencing immediately

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