Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, another European country became interested in Bayraktar

Photo: Baykar Tech

Romanian authorities intend to buy Bayraktar TB2 drones with equipment. The total amount of the contract is 300 million euros.

This is reported by the publication Digi24.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Romania document, the department proposed to the parliament to agree on the purchase for the defense department. It is noted that in total, it is planned to purchase 18 drones and equipment for them.

The cost of the Bayraktar TB2 complex ranges from 1 million to 5 million dollars, depending on the configuration. Currently, the Romanian army does not have a single Turkish drone in service.

On June 28, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the Baykar plant would soon focus only on Ukrainian orders. He added that Ukraine has become one of the largest buyers of Bayraktar strike drones – the Ministry of Defense has already adopted up to fifty “birds”.

It is worth noting that Turkish drones have become a hit in the world thanks to the APU. Many countries raised money to buy drones for Ukrainian defenders, which provided advertising for the manufacturing company worldwide.

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