Alexander Kovalenko: Russia is ready to drag out the war, grinding tens and hundreds of thousands into it

The Kremlin believes to the last that at some point the geopolitical, economic, social, or some other situation in the world will change so much that it will be easier for them to defeat Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, answering the question: why does the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin need a protracted war?

“Agree, the very fact that Russia is talking about the need for a protracted war is already dissonant. But what about 3 days? Well, or will we capture all of Ukraine in a week? Or three weeks … A month? The dissonance is intensified by the fact that the Russian command is well aware that the longer the war drags on, the more they demilitarize themselves, depleting reserves, and bleed their military potential.T-62 tanks and D-1 howitzers in the database zone speak eloquently about this “, – said the expert.

Kovalenko believes that the Kremlin is still hoping for something:

“Remember how they hoped Europe would get tired of the war in Ukraine and stop helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Therefore, they hoped that the death of Elizabeth II would affect London’s assistance to Kyiv. And after the departure of Boris Johnson from the post of prime minister, there was hope that Joe Biden would get coronavirus and die. The Republicans will take over the Senate and Congress. Europe will freeze without Russian gas and stop helping Ukraine… And so on, etc. etc. The Kremlin’s hopes are solely on this set of sick fantasies.”

The expert added that Russia is ready to drag out the war, grinding tens and hundreds of thousands of its citizens in it, as well as the remnants of weapons, finally demilitarizing its army in the hope that one of their ghostly hopes will come true.

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