Alexander Kovalenko: Russian Black Sea Fleet is unarmed

The observer announced a critical shortage of these missiles in Russia.

Russia has reached a critical shortage of Kalibr cruise missiles.

According to the military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko, the approximate total salvo of the Russian grouping can be from 64 to 100 Kalibr. At the same time, the last most massive strike on Ukraine with missiles of this type was carried out on December 6, and on that day, the Russians launched only up to 22 Kalibrs.

“The last time on December 16, Russian troops used 5 Kalibr cruise missiles. And why? And all because, on average, technically, the Russian military-industrial complex can produce 15 Kalibr cruise missiles per month and, technologically 5-6. That is, we can safely talk about the critical shortage of these missiles,” the expert noted.

Kovalenko concluded that the Black Sea flotilla of the Russian Federation is now partially or completely unarmed, while waiting for a new supply of ammunition, which will not be able to cover the need every month completely:

“And in this context, the answer to another question is interesting, namely, what is the situation with carriers of the Kalibr missile launcher in other fleets and flotillas? It is possible that missiles were removed from them and transported to Crimea, that is, there are launchers of warships too empty? And if NATO attacks?”.

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