Alexander Kovalenko: Russian losses in Ukraine break records

Partial mobilization did not give the Russian army anything except for rapidly growing losses due to the unprofessional and poor-quality component of the mobilized military observer Alexander Kovalenko believes.

“I won’t be surprised if 16 thousand per month becomes the average loss of the Russian army in the coming months, because the professional and quality level will not come from nowhere, and even more biomass will be needed … After all, Putin constantly talks about a protracted war. Tight, thanks to what?

For example, the number of destroyed tanks by the Russian army is decreasing from month to month. Not because the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to eliminate them have decreased but because the invaders have fewer tanks in the combat zone. And, again, a striking disproportion with the growth of personnel losses,” said Kovalenko.

The expert also noted that a similar situation exists with artillery. The Russian army is experiencing an acute shortage in the number of barrels and problems providing it with combat kits. To date, there is a quantitatively proportional presence of artillery only in the Bakhmut area, but the Russians have an acute problem with ammunition there.

“The armored fighting vehicle is nothing new. The lack of a regular number of combat units in subdivisions also decreases the losses of this equipment. Not because there is nothing to destroy it, but because it has become many times less in service with the Russian army, which does not allow fully equipped units.

That is, for a protracted war, Putin’s main resource will be biomass? Yes exactly. Without provided equipment, artillery, ammunition, nothing. And it is impossible to drag out the war exclusively with this component in current conditions, especially with such losses.

In October, November, and incomplete December, the Russian invaders lost 45,640 killed. Wounded? According to the most conservative estimates x1-2. That is, almost 137 thousand or almost 50% of the entire mobilization. In fact, the resource of mobilization will completely exhaust itself by February.

And this means that already in January, Putin will have to announce another mobilization, the resource of which will be ground even faster, since a rapid reduction in the technical component is added to the unprofessionalism of the mobilized,” summed up the expert.

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