Almost 80 Russian planes arrested due to global sanctions

The liners were arrested, including in countries that the Russian Federation considers friendly – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia.

78 planes of Russian airlines were arrested in different countries in connection with the sanctions imposed on Russia due to its military invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported by the Center for Transport Strategies (CTS).

“We had a total of 1,367 thousand aircraft in the country. We lost 78 aircraft, they were arrested during our flights,” the CTS quotes Vitaly Savelyev, head of the Russian Ministry of Transport, as saying.

According to Savelyev, the Russian Federation is still trying to negotiate with Western leasing companies to purchase aircraft, but they are not going to negotiate.

“We are looking for legal ways to negotiate with lessors and resolve this issue, but we have not succeeded so far. There is a ban and a demand for a return; they do not want to enter into negotiations on compensation for their payment and the purchase of ships from them by Russian airlines,” he added.

It is noted that the Russian Federation does not give up aircraft “because to give up means to leave yourself without aviation.”

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