An adaptation of the famous Ukrainian series “Servant of the People” will be released in Poland

Polish television has its own “Zelensky” Ignatius Konechny – a president from the people.

On March 4, the Polish TV channel Polsat will air the series “Servant of the People” – an adaptation of the Ukrainian series of 2015-2019, in which the main role was played by the current President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Polish version of the series retains the main storyline – a simple history teacher named Ignatius Konechny (played by Marcin Hickner) suddenly becomes president and faces many comic and sometimes dramatic situations. He is 36 years old, divorced, lives with his parents, and rides a bicycle to work, even as president.

Polsat still adapted his “Servant of the People” to the Polish political and socio-cultural realities woven into the comic story.

“The Ukrainian original series brought the lead actor Vladimir Zelensky to power. Will Marcin Hickner be successful? Nobody knows. But we know for sure that the series will give you a lot of smiles and interesting reflections on politics,” said in a Polsat statement.

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