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Main War — Special Forces destroyed the invader's torture chamber in the Kherson region and released the prisoners


Special Forces destroyed the invader's torture chamber in the Kherson region and released the prisoners

13 Jul, 2022
Special Forces destroyed the invader's torture chamber in the Kherson region and released the prisoners

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TSN received unique footage of how a group of military intelligence officers destroyed the occupier's torture chamber and freed Ukrainians deep in the rear of the occupied territory.

The secret cell of the Russians in the Kherson region was carefully guarded; they kept civilian and military hostages, interrogated and demanded money from their relatives for their lives and freedom.

"They wanted money. For relatives to come, and then take a person as they want," says Andrei, a military man who was a former prisoner of a torture chamber.

Andrei was wounded several times during the battle for the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. He escaped from the hospital a few hours before the arrival of the Russian occupiers, for more than two months, patriotic Kherson residents hid him. And then, he tried to move to a safer place and ended up at a Russian checkpoint. On leaving, the invaders forced him to take off his clothes and saw the traces of wounds.

“First they beat me, then they beat me with electric shocks. No man can stand it. They tortured them, were sad, came in, had fun, and beat them. I heard screams, sometimes single shots,” he says.

The prisoners were kept in the cell with packages on their faces; their hands were tied.

Andrei did not know that a former high-ranking policeman was next to him. The police veteran still does not give his name and does not show his face, because he is in free territory, and his relatives are in occupation. At first, he was offered a dizzying career in the occupation administration. When he refused, they began to beat out money for his release.

I don't think they would let go. Therefore, I was in no hurry to negotiate with them about something. One of the options, in my opinion, will be the worst,” says a former police officer.

This was well understood by the special forces of the Main Directorate of Intelligence. GUR members decided to enter the village, destroy the occupiers, and release the prisoners. Therefore, the group crosses the front line, and moves towards the secret dungeon of the Russians.

The group commander that went behind enemy lines is entirely different from the movie superman. However, his combat experience is enough for several Hollywood scenarios. Few of his Western colleagues have performed such tasks. The chances of returning alive were not one hundred percent. “In our departments, there is such a desire that the number of exits equals the number of returns. Yes, coming back alive was the most important thing. Well, and complete the task, ”says “Charlie”.

The main surprise is minefields. The building where the prison was set up was surrounded by mines and stretch marks. Specialists quickly passed through the minefield and came close to the house. The sentry occupier is at the sight of the Ukrainian commando. After the forward signal, the Russian soldier did not have time to understand what was happening. Just as quickly finished with the executioners inside the house. A few seconds later, the released prisoners were brought out.

“I didn’t know that such a special operation would be carried out, I thought that we were closer to the Crimea, or in the Crimea itself. When the shots started, there was an uproar and gunfire, I thought they were having fun again. For in the evenings, there was shooting. Women's voices were heard. The guys had fun,” says the released officer.

“Vodka, girls and shootings. This factor played its role. They were not ready for our actions,” says the GUR special forces group commander.

Trophies are minimal - a shabby Kalashnikov assault rifle of the hundredth series and a first-aid kit with a tourniquet, still Soviet-made. But the main thing is the documents of all the Russian military who tortured Ukrainians here.

How many occupiers have been destroyed, the commandos do not say. Five Ukrainians were released. And thousands of other people in the occupied Kherson region are still dreaming that the Ukrainian army will return to them. With an open face and forever.

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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