An FSB agent was detained in Odessa, who was collecting data on units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine detained an FSB agent in Odessa who was collecting intelligence on new units of the Defense Forces, the Ukrainian special service reported.

“The security service exposed another Russian agent during a special operation in Odessa. He turned out to be a former law enforcement officer who was recruited by an FSB staff member after the start of the full-scale invasion,” the SSU said in a telegram on Monday.

According to the SBU, on the instructions of the aggressor, the person involved collected infoSrmation about the locations of the bases of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Border Service in the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. “In the “zone of special attention” of the enemy, there was information about the newly created volunteer battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine called “Black Sea Sich”. To gather intelligence, the Russian agent signed up for an interview with the leadership of Dobrobat ostensibly to join the ranks of the unit,” in the message of the SSU.

As the SSU informs, “under the guise” of this legend, he carried out covert photo-fixation of the deployment location of the military formation and studied the psycho-type of the commander to try to recruit him further.

SSU employees gradually documented the criminal activity of the FSB agent and detained him while he was performing an intelligence task. According to the investigation, the traitor went to the Russian special service on his initiative and offered help in the war against Ukraine. For this purpose, he gave the FSB a written commitment to tacit cooperation in favor of the aggressor country.

At the same time, he wrote a statement addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in which he asks to consider his candidacy for a leadership position in the “Department of Economic Security and Combating Corruption in the Odessa Region”, in the event of the capture of the region.

In addition, it was established that after missile strikes on the regional center, a Russian agent went to the area to record the consequences and correct repeated air attacks.

During the search, a mobile phone with evidence of communication with the aggressor was found in the suspect’s possession.

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