Andrey Piontkovsky: China is already dividing the post Putin’s Russia

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is now very dissatisfied with Russian President Vladimir Putin and will not provide him with any assistance.

This opinion was expressed by the publicist and political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky on the Feygin Live YouTube channel.

“Xi Jinping is now, of course, very dissatisfied with Putin and will not provide any assistance to him. He is already planning to resolve his issues in post-Putin Russia with Kadyrov. Not in the sense that they somehow cooperate, just courting. see yourself already in post-Putin Russia. What is very important to say on the topic of China is that in his report (Xi Jinping) for four hours, there was not a word about the multipolar world. The polar world and two big players – the USA and China,” the expert said.

He also recalled that the Chinese call Lake Baikal the North Sea and consider it their original territory.

Lake Baikal

China has refrained from openly criticizing Russia for its war in Ukraine and resisting US calls to condemn it. At the same time, the Chinese authorities regularly emphasize their support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but at the same time, call for diplomatic negotiations to end the war.

Earlier, Beijing said it was “concerned” by Moscow’s massive missile strikes on civilian targets in Ukraine on October 10.

On October 23, Xi Jinping was officially re-elected for an unprecedented third term as the Secretary General of the Communist Party of China.

China’s leader Xi Jinping told the National Committee on US-China Relations today that Beijing is “ready to work” with Washington to “find ways to find common ground for the benefit of both sides.”