Andrey Piontkovsky: The civil war in Russia is already underway

After the Russian invaders retreated from Kherson, a fundamental event took place – not a single person remained in the bunker of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who would believe in the possibility of winning the war with Ukraine.

Everyone dreams of getting rid of Putin and presenting as a reasonable negotiator with the West. Still, there are too many such dreamers, political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky said.

According to him, Kherson “worked out”, and a civil war is already underway in Russia.

“It was precisely this fundamental event that happened – there was not a single person left in the bunker who believes in the possibility of a Russian victory and who would not understand that the war is lost and Ukraine will win…,” the expert said.

“Why are we so sure? About the changed rhetoric of the main speakers. For example, such a war criminal as Zakhar Prilepin, has been going on “safari to shoot Ukrainians” for the eighth year already. Or Skabeeva. They have already begun to say that “strike on the cities will not lead Russia to victory” and “we need a pause.” Talk about “we will give everything, rest for a few years, we will gather its million mobilized, we will accumulate weapons, and then we will finish the war, as it was in Khasavyurt (Dagestan). This means that they understood that the war is lost.

Prigozhin has already complimented the Ukrainian army several times, to the Ukrainian leadership. Don’t you think this is strange? I believe they already imagine themselves in the post-Putin era, just like everyone else. Everyone now increases the number of people devoted to him.

See what Kadyrov is doing. He not only trained Chechens, but he also organized a modern training center and brought battalions from all regions. He creates his personal army on an ethnic basis. Prigozhin does the same. They are beefing up their military capabilities for the inevitable internal squabbles that will inevitably begin after Putin’s departure.

Each of them understands that it will be easier to maintain power without Putin. They want to be the guarantors of stability for the West. And these are only two armies that are in sight. But there is also the army of the General Staff, the GRU. For example, they are waiting for the slightest power fluctuation to liquidate both Kadyrov and Prigozhin immediately. And there is the fourth army – this is the FPS (Federal Protective Service), Putin’s Janissaries. Everyone dreams of being free and presenting themselves as a negotiator to the West. But there are too many of them. Kherson worked – the civil war is already underway.”