Andrey Piontkovsky: the union of Western states and Ukraine has been finally formed

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky said that Western countries had made an important decision regarding the unconditional surrender of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They are no longer afraid of the Russian dictator and his blackmail.

On the air of Channel 24, Piontkovsky noted that the union of Western states and Ukraine was finally formed. According to him, here it is worth remembering the words of Vladimir Zelensky that Ukraine is becoming the leader of the free world, which “woke up” the West and helped it not to be afraid of Vladimir Putin and his blackmail.

“In fact, now the West has made an important decision on Putin’s unconditional surrender. And no tricks with the Christmas truce will help him,” he added.

Piontkovsky stressed that the West also got rid of self-restraint in the issue of providing weapons to Ukraine.

“The main thing is that the entire West has lifted the self-imposed restriction not to provide strike weapons that can reach the territory of Russia and tanks as offensive weapons. There are no barriers. They will transfer what is necessary for specific offensives. This is a new stage in relations between Ukraine and the United States and international partners,” the political scientist explained.

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