Andrey Piontkovsky: US gives Ukraine weapons dosed to manage the collapse of the Russian Federation better

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky believes that Washington is seeking to ensure a controlled collapse of the Russian Federation.

“I think that there are two things on the scales. Yes, they are for the victory now. They agreed, they are for the victory of Ukraine. On the other hand, the traditional caution of America. I will give an example – it will help to understand the absurdity of the American consciousness. 1991. There the president was cooler than Biden. Bush Sr. is the winner in the Cold War. He arrived in Kyiv in August of the ninety-first year. He did not speak in the Verkhovna Rada, because there was no Verkhovna Rada then, there was the Supreme Council. He called on the Ukrainians, well, it’s almost tearful that in no case do not insist on your independence.” He was booed even by the communists. This shows Americans’ complete lack of understanding of the psychology of Ukrainians. The US fears jumping into the unknown,” Piontkovsky said.

He noted that the death of Moscow did not begin in 1991, but in 2022.

“The collapse of this thousand-year-old, if you like, Genghis Khan’s empire, and of which Muscovy was a part, is not happening in 1991, it is happening now. In 1991, it was such a half-disintegration. The Maidan began because Moscow’s power and its influence were tired” , – the political scientist is convinced.

Piontkovsky also added that the United States wants to ensure “a controlled process of the collapse of Russia.” And led not by Ukrainians, but by Americans.

“This is the traditional school of political thought – everything should be controlled, careful,” the expert says.