Angelina Jolie told the world about the victims in Ukraine children

From the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has voiced her support for Ukrainians. Despite the constant shelling of cities, she was not afraid to come here on her own initiative. Now the world-class star continues to cover the topic of the war in Ukraine.

In her multimillion-dollar Instagram blog, Jolie published a post in which she noted that almost two-thirds of the children of Ukraine were forcibly displaced due to the aggression of the Russian Federation.

“Children bear the greatest consequences from war. Globally, children account for 30% of the population but represent 41% of all forcibly displaced people. A collective effort to address the physical and emotional manifestations from trauma must meet not only the needs of children in Ukraine but also Afghanistan, Yemen and so many other often forgotten conflicts that are funded far below levels adequate to meet children’s needs. Local and community-led organizations are innovating new ways to connect children with tools to learn, and nutrition to grow, to help protect them from the worst outcomes of this war, but the global humanitarian response can and must be stronger to ensure this generation of kids have the resources they need to begin healing.”

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